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Welcome To Jamesway Tool & Die Inc

We manufacture precision parts for the world’s most demanding industries.


Our Services

Stamping Dies
We specialize in progressive, transfer and single hit operations. Our staff of experienced journeyman designers and die makers are here to fill your specialized requests. We offer try-out capacity up to…
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Plastic Injection Molds
Our staff of Journeyman Designers and Mold Makers have over 20 years’ experience in creating plastic injection molds from single cavity prototype molds to multi cavity production molds with…
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We employ expertly trained Design Engineers that are prepared to handle your toughest programs. We offer detailed and qualified designs per your requirements by working closely with…
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Waterjet Cutting 
Our waterjet machines can cut metal to 4” thick, plastic, wood, tile, marble, or most any type of material. We specialize in custom work and low quantity parts or prototypes. Also useful in…
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